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Yuzo Related Posts: A reminder about the importance of website maintenance

By Nik | April 24, 2019

I sometimes wonder whether our clients think website maintenance and WordPress security advice are not really very important. But recent events with a popular free plugin have changed many people’s minds. Yuzo Related Posts was a simple plugin designed to keep visitors on your website for longer by suggesting more content that they might be […]


WordPress Gutenberg: What is it and how does it affect my business?

By Nik | January 14, 2019

[Because, if you haven’t written a blog post about Gutenberg, are you even really a WordPress developer?] The new version of WordPress opens up opportunities to make websites richer and more creative. But it arrives with a steep learning curve for casual users and widespread compatibility problems for millions of websites. Read on to learn […]


Switching from http to https – the benefits of having a secure website

By Nik | October 26, 2018

Over the last year or two, the big internet companies have started to encourage website owners to deliver their sites over a secure, encrypted connection. Read this article for a quick look at the benefits and how to get switched over properly.