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We know a few things about running a successful Wordpress website. Sometimes we write about them - technical tips, marketing insights and business guidance.

How can I get more customers for my business?

While doing some training recently with a client who had just set up a new enterprise, I needed to answer the question: How can I get more more customers for my business? This question comes up a lot, so I […]

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What are the steps in building a website?

Like building anything, preparation and doing things in the right order are the keys. Here’s my process for making a great website.

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Can’t you just give me a price for my website?

We’ve all been there: you just want to get some prices first, and then have a think about who you’d like to hire to do the job.

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How often should I update my website?

Logging in to update content on your website often feels like a chore you could do without. So how often do you even need to it?

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Effective Communication and Working during Covid-19 (+ free support from Flat Cap)

There’s two parts to this post. The first is some guidance on external communications and remote working in your new situation and the second, at the end, is an offer of help if you need it.

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A very common mistake that many websites make

Does your website tell people what they want to know? (Or does it tell them what you want them to know?)

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Why your last website project was a bit of a disappointment

Why Your Last Website Project Was a Nightmare

So many of our clients arrive with stories of awful projects that dragged on, underwhelmed on launch and didn’t deliver any noticeable benefits afterwards.

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Wordpress Gutenberg: What is it and how does it affect my business?

[Because, if you haven’t written a blog post about Gutenberg, are you even really a Wordpress developer?]

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Switching from http to https – the benefits of having a secure website

Over the last year or two, the big internet companies have started to encourage website owners to deliver their sites over a secure, encrypted connection. Read this article for a quick look at the benefits and how to get switched […]

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