Pay Per Click Ads

Google Ads: a bottomless money pit, or a unique way to grow your business?

Instant results

Google Ads appear at the top of every search results page. They offer a unique way to bring visitors to your website. But your competitors know that too, so you need to be sure your efforts are profitable.

The quickest way to find your ideal customer

Google Ads campaigns offer a chance to be seen by anyone who is searching for what you sell. Even better, most users don't know when they're clicking an ad.

If you have just added a new service, or you're in an intensely competitive sector, pay-per-click ads can help you get access to all the customers you'd otherwise be missing out on.


Start with research

The goal is to run ads that return you far more in profit than you spent on them (of course). So we don't just charge in and spend your money. We start with careful research and experimentation, and tell you what we found.

Carefully optimised campaigns

Having an ad is one thing. Having an ad that you've written ten times and tested each version against the other is quite another. You don't just want to be seen... you want your ads to be the ones that people actually notice.


Constantly improving

Products change, competitors come and go, and your priorities shift over time. Every month we will keep tweaking and experimenting, to make sure your ads are completely optimised and you're not spending a pound more than you need to.

Could Google Ads accelerate your sales?

Let's see if pay-per-click could multiply your marketing efforts.

Our clients say

"Consistently good at not only maintaining our websites, but also keeping up to date with changes and communicating with us about what we need to do."

"We've seen huge growth in our business since Flat Cap took over our SEO and Google Ads. The website works much harder for us now. Nik's advice has always been spot on."

"Flat Cap are a great web design firm. They have taken my WordPress website and made it great, with good SEO too! Thanks Nik!"

"I would recommend to anyone who needs a great website built and needs a bit of expert advice along the way about how to maintain it!"

"It took us a while to find someone who would really listen to our needs and build a website that supported our work. Nik was professional and easy to work with, and our new site has been fantastic value for money."