Nowadays, everybody has a "why". Here's ours.

Chances are it took you (or the person you work for) some serious courage to step out of 'normal' work life and set up their business or charity. That was definitely true of me.

Flat Cap Creative exists to help those people succeed.

The work you're doing is important. Whether you're changing the world a little bit at a time, or simply trying to make ends meet to support your family, you're in this for a good reason.

But it's getting harder and harder to do business. Even sole traders now need to have a great website, a social media outreach plan, a clear logo and brand, a system to generate five star testimonials, a digital payments system, a GDPR-compliant email list, and a plan to get found in Google, just to keep pace with the local competition.

Businesses turning over six or seven figures have to do all that and much more, but most don't have an in-house marketing department.

Getting trustworthy advice is vital.

Flat Cap Creative has been helping people like you since 2010. We love getting to know our clients, figuring out what's needed next to help you level up and then helping to get that next piece of the puzzle in place.

If that sounds like what you need right now, get started by dropping me a message.

Nik Keefe


PS - Don't worry if this doesn't describe you perfectly. At any point in time, we're usually working with businesses anywhere between £50k and £3m annual turnover. We also have a particular love for working in medical and charitable organisations. Get in touch to ask why.


Meet Nik

I'm a certified business consultant and vastly experienced web expert. I love learning about our clients and working out how to make their voices heard clearly in a crowded space.

Running Flat Cap, I've been delivering fantastic websites and marketing campaigns for our clients for over a decade now. A qualified teacher, I also takes any chance I can to provide some on-site training and consultancy (pandemic-dependent!).